wolf lake documentary

Coming Soon...

Ship to Shore Productions is producing a documentary about Wolf Lake in collaboration with Winter Beach Productions. The project was officially selected by Chicago Filmmakers and The Voqal Fund for the 2015 Chicago Digital Media Production Fund and will premier in May 2016. 

Wolf Lake is a landscape of contradictions: a fishing and waterspout oasis bordered by hulking industrial smokestacks and the City of Chicago. An area written off as an industrial wasteland by those speeding out of the city, it is actually home to a diverse and vibrant community. 

The documentary will focus on the community surrounding Wolf Lake. Through their stories we'll aim to explore the complex and multifaceted issues surrounding Wolf Lake. Although the pollution of Chicago and the industrial footprint of Northwest Indiana have lead to environmental degradation and economic disinvestment, the resiliency of nature and community have also been reclaiming and redefining the area.