Who We Are

We Live To Explore


Who We Are

We Live To Explore

we do this because we love it.

We are a collective of photographers, filmmakers, writers, scientists and travelers. We create compelling content about things we know, live and love: adventure, science, nature and conservation.

Alone, we're experts in our relative fields. Together we concept, produce and tell stories that breakthrough and inspire people to act.

With a network around the globe beyond our principal members, no project, topic or place is out of reach.  And with a co-founder with a decade of marketing agency experience, we know the importance of authentic and organic branding. 




After a decade creating and executing award-winning PR campaigns for global brands, Jaclyn left the agency world behind in 2014 to travel to the heart of Guyana for a try at scientific fieldwork. The trip ultimately inspired her and Zachary to found Ship To Shore Productions, combining their branding and production expertise with their personal passion for travel, adventure and conservation.



Zachary j. Johnston

Co-Founder & Director of Photography

Zachary's freelance photography business and undying sense of adventure take him around the globe. Whatever subject or project is in front of his lens, his images transports his audience to a distinct time and place, instantly capturing their attention and imagination. 

Zachary's commercial client list includes lifestyle, food, beverage and apparel brands, but his favorite assignments often involve sailing or fishing.




Conservation Biologist & Explorer 

Lesley holds a PHD from Auburn University and is working to protect endangered species around the world - including arapaima, the world's largest fresh water scaled fish. Lesley has extensive knowledge of conservation issues and deep connections in science and adventurer circles worldwide. 

Lesley's field work and personal accounts of her travels have been featured in National Geographic, The New York Times, Huffington Post and many scientific journals. 

She believes in the power of marketing communications as a tool for scientists and conservationists to make a positive impact on our world.



Boat Captain & World Traveler

If you need a boat, we know a guy. A sixth generation fisherman and boat captain on the Great Lakes, conservation and travel are literally in Don's blood. Whether he's acting as creative inspiration, bringing back stories and ideas from his travels around the world or helping us set sail on our next assignment, Don keeps us forever inspired and connected around the globe.